What does the Itachi Uchiha's Sharingan contact lenses look like in reality?

I wonder if you have noticed such a phenomenon when watching anime, that is, the eyes and hair of the characters are super nice and beautiful, and the colors are all colorful. However, this also poses a problem for cosplayers who like these anime characters, because the shapes and colors of these eyes and hair are too diverse, and it is impossible to restore them in reality, especially the hair, even if the wigs, The hair dyeing technology is very developed, and it is not easy to restore the texture in the animation.

In contrast, because of the current development of color contact technology, it is not complicated to restore the eyes of anime works. Today, let’s take a look at what itachi sharingan contacts look like in real life!


The more the number of magatama in the eyes, the more powerful the ability to Sharingan eyes will become, and there will be at most three magatamas.

In the animation of “NARUTO”, the magatama sharingan eye of this looks quite handsome. It has a black core and many black rings around it. Its overall image is very cool. If used for cosplay, this kind of itachi sharingan contacts will definitely make people super cool.

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