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How Do You Clean Contact Lenses Properly?

Mar 27,2024 | Lee

Are you still unsure about the correct way to clean your contact lenses, or perhaps feeling uncertain about the effectiveness of your current cleaning routine? If you have questions or concerns about properly caring for your contact lenses, you're not alone. Let's explore the best practices together to ensure the health and comfort of your eyes.

How Often Should You Wash Your Contact Lenses?

For good eye health and to prevent infections, clean your contact lenses daily. Those wearing yearly or monthly disposable colored lenses must clean them daily to remove debris, protein deposits, and impurities that build up during use. Consistent daily cleaning with the proper solution extends the life of your lenses and safeguards your eyes from risks posed by dirty or contaminated lenses.

Unibling contacts cleaning

How Do You Clean Contacts Properly?

Cleaning colored contacts properly is imperative for maintaining good eye health. Here are the steps for cleaning contacts effectively:

Step 1: Remove and Rub the Lenses 

Take out one lens at a time and place it in the palm of your hand. Apply 3-5 drops of contact lens solution and rub the lens 20-30 times with your right index finger, covering both the outer and inner surfaces. 

Unibling cleaning contacts 1

Step 2: Rinse the Lens 

Using your index finger and thumb, loosely squeeze the lens and rinse it with the contact lens solution or fresh saline solution. This helps to remove any loosened debris or solution residue.

Unibling cleaning contacts 2

Step 3: Store in Lens Case 

Fill the contact lens case about two-thirds (2/3) full with the solution. Place the cleaned and rinsed lenses in the case, making sure they are completely submerged in the solution.

Unibling cleaning contacts 3

Step 4: Soak and Disinfect 

Allow the lenses to soak and disinfect in the solution for at least 4 hours, typically overnight. This step is vital for killing any remaining bacteria or microorganisms on the lenses.

Step 5: Rinse Before Wearing 

Before wearing color-changing lenses again, remove them from the case and rinse them slightly with the contact lens solution. This ensures that any residual disinfectant is removed before placing the lenses in your eyes.

Unbling Meta Green colored lenses

Unbling Meta Green Colored Contacts - Soft and Light

By following these steps diligently, you can ensure that your colored contact lenses are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, reducing the risk of eye infections and maintaining clear vision and eye comfort. Always remember to follow the instructions provided by your eye care professional and the contact lens solution manufacturer for proper lens care.

Is It OK to Wash Contacts with Tap Water?

No! Healthcare experts warn against washing contact lenses with tap water. Dr. Deepinder Dhaliwal, MD, LAc, from UPMC Vision Institute, emphasizes that contact lenses should never come into contact with tap water due to associated risks.

Tap water contains harmful bacteria and microorganisms that can cause severe eye infections, such as Acanthamoeba keratitis, leading to permanent eye damage, even blindness. These microorganisms can easily transfer from the water to the lenses and then to the eyes, resulting in serious complications. To avoid these risks, it is recommended to use a sterile saline solution or multi-purpose solution specifically designed for cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses.

Do You Have to Change Contact Lens Solution Every Time You Clean Your Contacts?

Yes, it is crucial to change your contact lens solution every time you clean your color contacts. Reusing solution can lead to serious corneal infections and other complications. Always use fresh contact solution to disinfect and store your lenses, ensuring proper cleaning and reducing the risk of eye infections. Avoid reusing or "topping off" old solution in your contact case. Follow the instructions provided with your contact lens solution and replace it regularly as advised by your eye care provider.

Unibling colored contact

Is It Necessary to Clean Your Lens Case?

Definitely Yes! Imagine this: you meticulously clean your colored contact lenses, only to store them in an unclean case. Would the lenses remain clean? Following each step to carefully clean your contact lenses would then be pointless, wouldn't it? Similarly, neglecting the cleanliness of the lens case can lead to eye discomfort and the proliferation of harmful microorganisms. Therefore, regularly cleaning and maintaining your lens case helps prevent damage to your lenses, infections, and ensures proper hygiene for your contact lenses. Regularly cleaning your contact lens case is just as critical as cleaning your contact lenses themselves; both are indispensable.

Unibling Lens Case Cleaning

The following are the steps for cleaning your contact lens case:

  1. Empty: Empty any remaining solution from your contact lens case.

  2. Rinse: Rinse your case with fresh contact lens solution. Avoid using water or saliva to rinse it, as these can introduce harmful microorganisms.

  3. Air Dry: Place the contact lens case upside down on a clean tissue or paper towel to air dry. Avoid using towels or cloths that may introduce lint or bacteria.

  4. Reassemble: Once the case is completely dry, reassemble it and store it in a clean, dry place.

Regularly replacing your lens case every one to three months is advised to reduce the risk of eye infections and maintain optimal eye health.

Unibling colored lens case

Unibling Candy Color Contact Lens Case Travel Kit - Enhancing Safety and Convenience

Making Daily Cleaning of Contact Lenses and Lens Cases a Habit

Regular and proper cleaning of colored contact lenses is the most fundamental step in taking care of your contact lenses, which is significant for maintaining eye health and hygiene. Equally important is the regular cleaning of the lens case to prevent the proliferation of harmful microorganisms. By consistently following these simple steps, you can enjoy clear vision and a comfortable experience when wearing colored contact lenses.