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8 Most Asked Questions About Unibling

Jun 29,2023 | Lee

Colored contacts have become popular, allowing us to transform our eye color and enhance our overall appearance. With a wide range of vibrant hues and realistic designs, colored contacts offer a temporary yet impactful way to experiment with different looks and express individuality in a fun and creative manner.


With more customers choosing our products, questions and concerns about Unibling also appears. So, we have identified the top eight frequently asked questions for our customers. By proactively addressing these concerns, we aim to provide clarity and ensure a satisfying experience for our customers.

1. Are the products FDA/CE certified?

Our products have been approved by international certificates such as CE, FDA, KFDA - Korea Food & Drug Administration, and ISO 13485. All lenses are manufactured by reputable contact lens manufacturers and tested by our product development team. 

2. What are the main materials of these contacts?

HEMA (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) and NVP (N-vinyl pyrrolidone) are the two main materials used to produce colored contacts. HEMA provides softness, flexibility, and oxygen permeability, ensuring comfort and extended wear. NVP enhances moisture retention and contributes to lens stability. Together, they create safe, comfortable, and visually appealing lenses.

3. How to purchase contacts without a prescription?

When you are adding a product to the cart, please pick 0.00/Plano on both of your prescriptions.

4. Do you offer contacts with a prescription?

We do have prescription lenses. Please check here: Prescription Colored Contacts

5. Can I wear it while sleeping?

We were supposed to take off the contact lenses before going to sleep. When we are sleeping, we still experience rapid eye movement. It may cause us to lose contacts or disinfect our eyes.

6. What should I do if my contacts are not comfortable to wear?

Our product passed the FDA and CE certification, so the probability of defective products is very low, The uncomfortable sensation when wearing them may be due to the following reasons:
1. Continued wear for too long
2. Eye strain or lack of clarity when wearing contacts.
3. Hands or wearing tools are not adequately cleaned and disinfected. We recommend that you follow our tips: Wear & Care
Please email us at service@unibling.com If you need further assistance.

7. What should I do if I develop an allergy?

Our product passed the strict FDA and CE certification, so the probability of defective products is very low. However, If you develop an allergy, remove your contacts immediately and seek medical help as soon as possible if necessary. 

8. I've received a torn item, what should I do?

We're sorry there is an issue with your Unibling order. Once you have received your order, please check for any damages or defects, and report them to us ASAP with your order number so that we can raise this with the manufacturer. All you have to do is to email us at service@unibling.com with photo evidence of the faulty item. The acceptance of faulty items is at our discretion.


At Unibling, every question matters to us. Our aim is to provide clear, concise, and helpful information, ensuring your satisfaction and building a trusted relationship.